Threadfin sustainability

Threadfin is all about bringing our customers high quality, environmentally friendly and sustainable clothing that looks and feels amazing.

All the factories we use are SEDEX, WRAP and GRS (Global recycle standard) certified. They are Class A factories that have a social, moral and environmental conscience and are as driven as we are to look after our planet and people. We have carefully selected the suppliers we work with and have developed relationships over the course of the thirty five years we have worked in the clothing industry. We work with small family owned companys and regularly inspect to ensure that they have a strong sustainable practice and policies in place.

Our garments are made from certified and traceable 100% recycled cotton and polyester, significantly reducing the negative impact on our planet by cleverly reusing materials rather than putting pressure on our planet by intensive farming of water hungry cotton or making virgin non-biodegradable polyester. By working closely with our suppliers we are going to continue to grow and evolve our collections to bring more and more product to you that will not only be environmentally sustainable but also last longer by giving you a high quality product.

Every garment has to come in a polybag to keep them dry and clean on their journey from country of manufacture. These are mostly made out of polyester and are therefore no good for our planet. We have made the decision to make all of our polybags in100% bio degradable material so they can either be reused or put straight in your composting bin.

Our fabrics are 100% Recycled Cotton and Polyester are certified by Global Recycled Standard. The goal of the GRS is to increase use of Recycled materials in products and reduce/eliminate the harm caused by its production.

The objective of the WRAP Certification Program is to promote and certify lawful, humane and ethical working conditions in manufacturing and processing.

Getting WRAP certified will ensures that our factories are paying proper wages and ensure a safe and healthy work environment. Being WRAP certified will greatly contribute to eliminating poor working conditions.


Sedex is one of the world’s leading ethical trade service providers, working to improve working conditions in the workplace in country of manufacture. Using Sedex enables us to work to better manage our social and environmental performance with our suppliers, and protect people working in the supply chain.

Water treatment.

All of the factories we use have their own water treatment works which eliminate any pollutants getting into the water courses.